Community Commitment

Jevstar is committed to supporting all communities within which we operate, by offering free space on all of our websites to Charities, Voluntary and Not for Profit Organisations.

In 2010 we successfully completed in conjunction with a local Town Council, a “community pilot project” whereby we “provided free of charge” space on one of our web sites, for the Town Council to place whatever Council business, Agendas, Minutes of Meetings, Advertising of Council meetings/events etc; that they so wish.

Now that this “community project” has been working satisfactorily for some 16 months and meeting all of the Councils Statutory Obligations, we are now offering this service “free of charge” to all District, Town and Parish Councils within which we operate.

What we offer saves Town and Parish Councils the cost of, designing their own specific web sites, saves the cost of running those web sites and saves the cost of keeping those web sites up to-date, with ever changing technology. Cost savings which cannot be underestimated in the current economic climate.

To-Date some 8 Councils and 60+ Charitable, Voluntary and Not for Profit Organisations have taken-up our offer.

We, Jevstar Dot Com, consider, the above offer provides the opportunity for the forging of “Public Private Partnerships” across the Communities within which we work and meets the objectives of the Governments “Big Society” with mutual benefits to both parties.