Application Services


What is an Application?

An Application is the program that is installed on a users computer that allows them to interact with something. Your browser which you are using to read this is a User Application.

Why would you want applications from us?

Most companies, even big ones, do not have staff capable of administering complex databases by direct interaction with the data and even if they do this would be a very dangerous activity to allow. What is needed is a device or User Application that allows less qualified personnel to add, amend and delete information and to obtain reports at the touch of a button and to do so in a controlled and safe manner. There is likely to be a number of different User Applications created to operate from one central database, the view required by the Receptionist being entirely different to that required by the Finance Director.

How are applications developed and how many do I need?

User Applications are developed alongside the building of your database. Together we identify a block of information that needs to be stored on the database and then you decide who puts it in and who takes it out and then one or more applications are developed in order to satisfy your requirement.

Are things built bit by bit then?

Well, yes and no. It is very useful to have an overall picture of the entire requirement before any work is done. This is called a Systems Analysis and this allows budget estimates to be created regarding the cost and time scale of work to be done and the size of systems needed to accommodate it. However this is not always possible, small projects tend to grow organically whilst large projects take so long to complete the business has moved on since the original requirement was put together. In both cases regular reviews of progress, cost and benefit need to be conducted and the agreed project plan amended accordingly.