Database Services


There are many different database solutions available on the market and we are familiar with nearly all of them but we prefer to specialise in the use of MS Access and MS SQL. The reason for this is that many companies and their staff are already familiar with the MS product portfolio and we feel it is better to use systems that they are already used to. This reduces your training costs and the cost of change.

Scalable Systems

Nearly all companies already have some data stored within MS products probably within MS Exel spreadsheets and it is an easy and economic upgrade to move that data to MS Access. Similarly it is an easy task to upgrade that into MS SQL when the time comes, and in any event Microsoft have already almost merged the two products.

By working from this scalable background we can be sure that work done one day is valid and supportable the next. This means as your business grow the technologies supporting it can expand as and when required without the great expense of ripping them out and starting again.

Supporting your old ways of doing things.

The most difficult aspect of any change is staff training and familiarity. Where you already have printed reports and spreadsheets in use within your business we like to duplicate these as part of any new system. This means you and your staff get to see data in the same form they always have and allow you to decide whether or not you wish to retain these old documents as the new systems come on line and staff get used to them.

Offering new ways of doing things.

Databases provide a single repository for information that can be designed to suit you business exactly and can be developed to encompass new data requirements as and when they arise. This data can then be shared amongst all the staff in your office with different people having access to different elements of it. But why stop here? The same data can be made immediately available via the internet and your website, some of it in the public areas and some of it behind secure private areas that require the user to log in.