Corporate Services

Please be aware that we have now all retired. We thank you for your interest in what we have done in the past and thank all our customers for their values support over the years.


We think of all businesses as Enterprise Level and the facilities that are available to major multi-nationals should be available to small and medium sized businesses or SME's too.

Administration is expensive in organisations of any size but with a little thought and a lot of experience we can provide you with websites, databases and user applications for your office that are all joined together where information need only be entered once. Of course what you wish to be displayed in public and what you wish to be private is your decision.

Where do we start?

Usually with the website, but that has to be built and hosted in a location that has all the facilities available for it to grow it whatever direction the future holds and we do not recommend that companies host their own, they need to be in an environment where they can be supported.

Where do we go?

That depends upon what you, the client, wants. If you have sales staff or you visit your customers you may wish to access data remotely through your website or you may wish that your customers can access their own accounts via your website. If every customer can access their account, order good and services, or even book an appointment to see you or you them, then both of you will spend less time on the phone dealing with trivia.

But "I am only a small company, we cannot afford this" you say

Well, you must be storing and providing information, you must be communicating with your clients and they must be communicating with you. In which case you all must be doing it the hard way!

A small static website would cost around 500 as a "one off" to build subject to you having already decided upon your corporate colours, logo, etc. and around 15 per month to host.

If you required something larger and interactive we would still start at square one by building the static site and then work with you and/or your staff to design, build and implement the extended requirement over time to a project plan and to a budget agreed by you.