Website Services


  • Hand-coded CSS & HTML
  • Hand-coded CSS & ASP(ASP.NET)/XML
  • Hand-coded VB Script and Java Script
  • MS Expression Web

Most of our websites are now hand-coded although we do use WYSIWYG editors like the old MS FrontPage and the new MS Expression Web to give us the skeleton upon which we build the content. This website was built with MS FrontPage and then hand adjusted to modern state-of-the-art CSS standards. We find this methodology saves a great deal of time and money.

Using familiar tools also opens the opportunity of having some of your new website managed by yourself or your staff. Indeed as your business grows that could become essential to you and can form part of our support partnership with you.

Websites may be what we call static where the information on each page is fixed or they can be database driven where the information on each page is dynamic and changes as the information in the database changes. Large websites tend to be a mixture of both static and dynamic. In a similar vein dynamic sites can have their databases updated periodically whilst others like a large SQL driven site the information may update in real time.

We will also support the installation of E-Commerce solutions to your website. There are many of these available as off the shelf packages that are certificated to operate with VISA and other major credit cards and banking systems. All that is needed is to choose the right one for your business.

Shown above is an example schema for a dynamic database driven website that would allow you and your staff to easily interact with the site and the data contained within it. We consider below what such a site would provide for you and your clients.

Initially we build the Public Internet Website. This has all the fixed data about you, your company and its products and services. We than add the databases which store detailed information about the products and services building  some simple applications that allow your staff to update the product and service data. With that done we update the website to display the new information.

The next thing would be to allow customers to create an account online in the Secure Private Internet Website and request contact from you or your sales team. In the secure area we can allow the customers to update or add to their account details and to request a meeting or call from you.

The Sales Team would also be able to use a different part of the secure area to view their customers details, view the product/service portfolio, view and adjust their appointments, and so on.

In your office the Private Intranet would be able to display real-time reports about what was going on, how many sales you have made, who is seeing whom and what happened with no need to print it out unless you needed too.

To what level and what speed you took this would be entirely under your control as would be who could see what.

Is it safe and secure?

Yes, it uses all the same technology as your online bank and as these financial systems develop we too will benefit from the new technologies as they come along.

Can I see this in action?

Sure, visit our flagship the British Towns and Villages Network. On this site users of all kinds can log on to the site, submit orders for inclusion and events to the events diaries, buy goods, book hotels, all of which can be administered by us remotely in the secure areas. We can see in the public area some of the site user statistics in numeric or graphical form also in real time and behind the scenes in our databases we have a vast amount of additional information.